Dr. David Fitzpatrick is a 1986 graduate from the University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine.

He started his own practice in Manhattan, Illinois in 1990 and moved to the present location in Kankakee in 1994.

Dr. Fitzpatrick has recently retired from the position of Chief Harness State Veterinarian. David has a lifelong relationship with horses growing up on a horse farm in Buckingham, Illinois.

Dr. Fitzpatrick is a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Illinois Equine Practitioners Association, Society for Theriogenology, American Veterinary Medical Association and the Illinois Veterinary Medical Association.


Justine is our Veterinary Technician with 30 years of experience. Justine was born on a horse and we think she has a little horse blood in her. (Not to be confused with Charlie Sheens “tiger blood”).

Justine is the Doctors second pair of eyes, hands, and muscles. Usually, if you see the doctor you will see Justine right behind him.

Ask her most anything about horses and she will know the correct answer. Justine is a huge benefit to our trio!


Laura is our Office Manager. If you call into our office Laura will most likely answer the phone. She sends out our bills, takes your payments, orders our med’s and tries to be a “buffer” between the Doctor and clients.

She has worked for Dr. Fitzpatrick for over twenty years (and deserves a medal for doing so).

Laura has owned horses for almost 40 years and has a wealth of knowledge.


Mr. Whiskers is our Official Greeter and Head of Security.
Not a bad gig for a “rescue kitty”